Kadam Glass
47 Glen Carran Circle
Sparks, Nv 89431

About Us

Kadam Glass

A fully equipped studio for teaching the following workshops:


§   Introduction to fused glass

§   Advanced fusion

§   Double fusion

§   Holiday ornaments

§   Basic stained glass

§   Combing

Weeklong Workshops – 3 or 4 a year

Specialty Workshops taught by visiting artists:

§   Enameling

§   Mold Making

                                               Visiting Artists

Mark Abildgaard - Kiln Casting - T
he sculpture I create reflect the inner energy of life. The figurative images in my work give me the inspiration to create forms that are connected to the human experience. By using a figure as a starting point in my work I am able to explore the subtle nuances in each form that will ultimately define the final image. In making sculpture I seek to achieve a balance between line, volume, texture and color. Because I work in clay to create the original work I am able to focus on developing form and texture without the distraction of color. One of the challenges of using glass as a sculptural material is to find a way to work with color and light that will not detract from the original idea. The nature of glass allows adding an incredible power to the sculptural image by reacting with light. I create work that will be enhanced by this unique characteristic. I use simple forms to represent faces, bodies, heads. I am trying to find archetypical images which are not cultural specific. In working with these images I am seeking a way to combine ancient forms and my own life experiences. I strive for my work to represent this connection to the past.

http://www.markabildgaard.com/html/artfront.htm to see Mark's work

Sheryl Koch - Enameling - Sheryl has been a full-time glass and kaleidoscope artist since 1980 and is Studio Assistant for the Folk School's glass program. Her work is featured nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, and kaleidoscope books. Sheryl is well known for her brass turning-wheel kaleidoscopes. Born and raised in the Southwest, she moved to Brasstown in 2004, where she continues her work of many colors, which has expanded into enameling. She loves the many facets that enameling offers. 

Sheila Gorden - Mosaics - Sheila has been an elementary teacher for 22 years. She holds a masters degree in Creative Arts. She enjoys the learning process and has discovered a variety of media. She has shared those discoveries with students at the elementary and university level. Her current art form is creating mosaics, using various tesserae. She loves making pieces for her garden. Sheila believes that the best way to learn a new skill, is to teach it.

 Carole and William Hutchison - have been involved in the glass art field for the past fifteen years.  Their experience includes stained glass, fusing & slumping, torch work, glass blowing and sandblast glass etching.  Education includes Camp Colton with Boyce Lundstrom, Clinics with Norm Dobbins, Gil Reynolds, Dan Fenton, Don McKinney, Loren Stump. Kevin O’Grady, Ed Broadfield, Dawson Kellogg, David Buck and yearly continuing education thru Bullseye Glass workshops.  Carole graduated in 2000 from Sierra Nevada College with a B.F.A.  Bill and Carole’s involvement in making kaleidoscopes has used fusing techniques for over 17 years.


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